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With shopping for PROM 2017 well underway we would love to help you find your dream dress!

​​We stock over 400 different styles of Prom dresses from a range of leading designers, including; Pia Michi, Blush Prom, Rachel Allan, Alyce Paris, Ruby Prom, Primavera Couture, Terani Couture, CityGoddess and Little Mistress.

We have exclusivity for each of these designers in the area which means you won’t find the same dress for miles!

We keep a Prom log for each school, so we guarantee that we won’t sell your dream dress to anyone else form your school, not even in a different colour!

Our dresses range from £70-£600 and payment plans are available.


​We do not sell our Prom dresses online because we believe it is important to try them on to make sure it is the perfect dress for you!!

Blush Prom 11203
Blush Prom 11211
Blush Prom 11219
Blush Prom 11234
Blush Prom 11238
Blush Prom 11242
Blush Prom 11251
Blush Prom 11258
Blush Prom 11264
Blush Prom 11278
Blush Prom 11285
Blush Prom 11298
Blush Prom 11300
Blush Prom 11330
Blush Prom 11345
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